The Wall brings dance and visual art together. It is a space to showcase visual artists who explore movement - in any way, style and interpretation - to complement the movement and creativity that happens within these walls every day.

Michelle Stanek, curator

Michelle Stanek, curator

About Michelle Stanek, curator and director

My passion is to produce experiences that educate and entertain audiences who are curious to learn more about the arts. For over a decade, I have brought my love for art and design to a variety of people and places -- from guided tours of the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, Italy and scavenger hunts of the MoMA to large-scale, multi-media design and art history conferences and interactive New York City art tours.

After earning my Master’s Degree at Pratt Institute, I was hired as an art history professor where I taught Survey II: Renaissance through Rococo to first-years and Art Appreciation to prospective students in the pre-college summer program.

In a turn of events that makes for an eclectic "professional summary" I have also become a professional pole dancer and instructor. With a dance background since age 5, I've taken my lifelong practice of dance to a new apparatus. Body & Pole has been my second home since it opened in 2009. I learned my craft, honed my skills, created my title-winning performances and cultivated the greatest family of colleagues and friends in this incredible space.

I am a co-owner and founder of elevatED: pole dance fitness and flexibility teacher trainings. And as an independent performer and teacher, I’ve traveled across the US, Europe, Scandinavia, Mexico, Australia, Japan, UAE, Brazil, Russia, Africa and more sharing my love of dance.

I feel incredibly fortunate that I can now bridge my two passions—art and pole dance—as the curator of The Wall at Body & Pole. I look forward to bringing the visual and aerial arts together and to new audiences.

- Michelle Stanek, curator

* Pole dance titles
* Miss Pole Dance America Group champions AERA 2015
* United States Pole Dance Champion 2012-2013
* Pole Dance Universe Champion 2011
* United States Amateur Pole Dance Champion 2011
* PFA (Pole Fitness Association) "Pole Drama" Champion 2010
* Polesque Champion 2010