Katherine Kitfield

November 2013 - January 2014

I spent my childhood wandering through the barns, fields, hills and streams of my family's farm in the backwoods of New Hampshire. Watching the skies and seasons pass, I found myself witness to the web of relationships spun across the land, to the cycles of life and death, and to the curiosities of my own heart. Visual art served as an early window to express my dreams, which were so often about movement and connection.

My artwork expresses intricacies of gardens, woods, oceans - all with dancers interwoven and cascading across the canvas landscapes. When I moved to New York City and discovered pole and aerial, I felt like I had finally come home to myself. As I strive to be a source of resilience, kindness, love and support for those around me, my soul finds its strength and purpose through flight.

It is an immense joy to share my visual art with the Body & Pole family. Printed in the traditional Japanese style of Uklyo-e, these images are carved in cherry wood and printed on rice paper. I've studied printmaking with Master Printmaker Keiji Shinohara at Wesleyan University, Penland School of Crafts, and Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy. All steps in the Uklyo-e process, from carving the woodblock to printing, are completed by hand.