Kyle McBeth

Sum Body Speak : February - April 2014

Sum Body Speak

This series is a collaboration between Kyle McBeth, the clothing company bodybinds and the dance company Pole Speak. Inspired by Hans Bellmer, a surrealist from the 1930's, and his project "The Doll", which is rooted in the sublimation of desire and how that can affect the senses.  In Bellmer's theory this sublimation could make a hand act as an eye, an arm a leg and the base of the neck the pelvis. This idea of seeing the form as parts and ones that could be interchangeable sparked the initial concept for "Sum Body Speak".  In order to capture the images needed to create this series the members of Pole Speak were asked to pose in in a variety of positions shot from different angles. These images were then manipulated and composited in post production, so that in any one final photo there may be elements of up to eight individuals. "Sum Body Speak" takes the idea of the sublimation of the senses and transfers it to the sublimation of the individual in a group. The photo retouching techniques that are currently so prevalent in photography today, were used in an intentionally obvious way to create a tension by viewing something familiar yet unsettling.