Glitter Tits

BY Bree Chapin

Bree Chapin is a New York City-based visual artist working in a variety of media. She began her artistic career as a toddler, drawing un-commissioned approximations of Care Bears in marker on her parents’ coffee table. Since then, she has taken to painting and sculpture, showing her work at a variety of venues in New York, including the ConArt gallery and the Castle Fitzjohns gallery on the Lower East Side. She lives with her husband, Colin, who dutifully schlepps her artwork all over town without complaint.  

I am influenced by pop-art, music, technology, and the bliss of wandering about a city. My work is largely inspired by the tragicomedy nature of life and the human condition. 
Glitter Tits is a series of mixed-media sculptures made with a dash of humor and a *lot* of glitter created to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. 

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